tumblr_lauhhnxMds1qzupj0o1_500Do you like books? Do you love books? Do you have more of the damned things than you know what to do with? More than you can read in a lifetime? Do you sacrifice the love of spouses, friends, pets, whatever because of the many volumes that clutter your home like snowdrifts after a blizzard?

Well, my friend, join the sorry ranks of us book-loving fools. And take shelving inspiration from the awesome pictures at Bookshelf Porn, a website dedicated to … well, to what its name suggests: Photographs of groovy bookshelves. Up there and to the right is Karl Lagerfeld’s bookshelf in his apartment. (He also owns the bookstore next door, which I suppose you can afford when you’re a super-wealthy creepy looking living dead fashion designer). But there are just as many other cool/strange/head-scratching shelves on the site. Makes you want to redesign your home, doesn’t it?